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Cat Foster Application
Foster homes should be able to:
- be fully committed to the principles and beliefs of the organization
- be available to attend at least 2 Saturday adoptathons per month
- agree to make certain their foster makes it to medical appointments
(usually held on Thursday evenings)
- be able to keep in close contact with their foster home coordinator
- be able to administer required medications
Home Telephone Number:
Work Telephone Number:
Cell Phone number:
Other Telephone/Pager Number:
Email Address:
What type of experience have you had with caring for animals (ie. Have you fostered, cared for special medical needs, dealt with bottle feeding, fostered previously, etc.)
Are you experienced with giving oral medications (dewormer, antibiotics, etc.) to cats?
   Yes  No  
Will you be able to bring your fosters to our Thursday evening cat clinics for medical care & vaccines when required?
   Yes  No  Not Sure  
Will you be able to bring your fosters (when adoptable) to our Saturday cat adoptathons from Noon to 4 pm twice per month?
   Yes  No  Not Sure  
List the names and ages of persons residing in your home or that are frequent visitors:
Describe the atmosphere (quiet, busy, etc.) of your home and what a basic daily routine consists of for the primary caretaker of the foster animals, including an estimate of how much time per day can be spent with fosters:
Past experience and participation in non-profit organizations:
Are you willing to foster: (please indicate yes or no)
Elderly Cats:
Cats with a medical condition:
Bottle feeding kittens (orphans):
Pregnant or nursing moms with kittens:
Shy Cats:
Cats who are grieving or otherwise not eating well:
Additional Information
Do you own your own home?
If you do not own your own home, are animals permitted where you live?
Please provide the name and contact information for your landlord if you do not own your own home.
If you already have animals, please list their names, ages, vaccination status, FIV/Feline Leukemia status for felines, breeds and place where each animal in your home spends the majority of its time:
What is the name of your current veterinarian?
What is the telephone number of your current veterinarian?
Do you have a room where you can isolate any fosters from your household pets? If so, please describe.
What made you decide to foster?
Are you currently working with another animal rescue group? If yes, which one?
If you are fostering for another animal rescue group, are you fostering cats or dogs?
Additional information:

By hitting the save button below your application will be sent to an volunteer for review. This button does NOT save the application to your computer. Thank you!